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Value-Based Selling and Consultative Sales Approach


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By completing our Technical-Sales Training Courses, participants will be able to:

Acquire skills for interpersonal communication, effective negotiations, value-based sales presentations, consultative selling, business argumentation, and after-sales service.

Efficiently manage selling processes, planning, prospecting, reaching customers forecasting, following up leads, developing customers, highlighting value proposal, and closing sales.

Become a more effective negotiator with proven techniques for building and maintaining relationships, applying appropriate power and influence, structuring agreements, and developing buy-in.

Identify your organization’s value proposition and understand customer’s pain in a technical consultative way, to increase success in acquiring new customers and building loyalty.

Handle technical selling with confidence, build powerful relationships, implement a plan for managing accounts strategically based on account mapping and customer focus.


Our sales training is aimed at salespeople with a multidisciplinary technical profile involved in commercial & sales positions, interested in expanding or perfecting their knowledge, sales skills, and professional competencies in the technical-sales world.

  • Sales Engineers
  • Key Account Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Consultative Sales Specialists
  • Technical Sales Representatives
  • Other B2B Sales Executives


The team of tutors for these courses is made up of qualified professionals from different countries, worldwide. Our teachers are industry experts, have extensive experience and expertise in technical selling; they are all passionate about their areas of know-how and will ensure you achieve your personal development goals.


– The Value-Based Selling Fundamentals

– Converting Features into Benefits for Creating Value

– Dynamic Questioning in Sales Communication

– Managing Objections as Part of the Negotiation Process

– Tactics for Closing Deals and Winning Sales

– Sales Engineering Approach to Customer Pains

– Consultative Practices for Diagnosing Customer Pain

– Think in Value and Defend Your Price


The Value Proposition Concept
How to Sell. Get Real and Get Focused
Align The Sales Process with The Buyer Process
Strategy Skills. SWOT Analysis
Considerations for Technical Demos and Running Trials
Identify the Competition and Objection Handling
Formulating Smart-Criteria Selling Questions
Why Customers Object. Handling Objections Strategies
Interacting with Your Prospect
Knowing How to Handle Objections
Tailoring your Value Proposition to Fit your Audience
Insight Selling and Value Proposition
50 Powerful Sales Questions
Successful Selling. Be Proud of Your Price
The Solution Gap in The Consultative Selling
What is Consultative Selling and How to Sell Value
Persuasion Techniques for Consultative Selling
Overcome Objections. Let me Think About it, Send me More Information
Overcome Objections. Not Interested, Don’t Have Time, Not Sure
Overcome Objections. Price, Experience, Doesn’t Work, Price is Too High
B2B Value Selling and Objections Simplified
Why Some Customers Buy & Others Don’t
How to Create a Value Proposition that Actually Sells
The SPIN Consultative Selling Method
The Essentials of Value-Based Selling
Using Stories to Influence and Persuade Prospects
Financially Quantified Value Propositions
When Customer Says, “I Want to Think It Over.” You Say…
Your Value Proposition (Probably) Sucks + 5 Ways To Make It Better
Mindset and Pre-Suppositions in Consultative Sales
Define your Business Value and Craft your Value Proposition
Relevant Costs for Business Decision Making
The Power of Storytelling for Sales Professionals


USD 250

USD 75


Join the course today, and you have 7 days to dive into it. If you realize that it isn’t worth just ask for a full refund and we will send your money back right away, or if you prefer, you can change your enrollment to another course within our portfolio, or you can transfer your enrollment to another person.


Our E-Learning methodology enables action-based learning that maximizes strategic planning and problem-solving to improve expertise outcomes. In addition, participants will become competent in developing their capacity for self-learning, research, analysis, and decision-making.

A rich blend of contents will be provided with a practical approach applied to the real-world workplace. Furthermore, all course participants have the coaching, guidance, support, and assistance from our team of experts.


Online Courses give you the flexibility to learn at your own pace, within anyplace, and anytime that suits you best. Participants can follow the training regardless of their geographic location, travel schedules, and current job responsibilities.

Designed specifically for busy executives; study material can be accessed through our E-learning Platform which is available 24/7. Anytime accessibility is possible through any notebook, smartphone, or tablet, in a responsive web interface.


Our training courses do not evaluate theoretical aspects or memorization of concepts. Participants must present a set of practical homework.

These Assessments seek to develop sales skills and professional competencies to make arguments, defend your point of view, provide an opinion on a topic; research, analyze and integrate information to explain a particular topic; analyze data from study case; strategically plan, make decisions; solve problems and present solutions.

CERTIFICATION: Participants will attain a Certificate of Achievement accrediting the successful completion of the Training Course.

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