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Professional Certificate Programs for Sales Engineers & Technical-Sales Representatives

TechnicalSales Training Center was formed as a result of demand from Sales Engineers & Technical Sales Reps to gain an expert knowledge and exchange experiences, to perfect their sales performance.

TechnicalSales Training Center has developed specialized courses and a comprehensive knowledge base of best practices in consultative sales, business development, and account management applied to current competitive environments.


For this online training, it is recommended, but not mandatory, that the participant has a technical background and some relevant work experience in sales

International Participants from all over the world!

Enhance your business acumen and develop the soft skills you need to evolve your career and become a successful sales professional in a global environment.

Understand the dimensions of value creation as the basis for expanding your business opportunities and growing your installed base.

Use analytical tools and techniques that can help you gain a broader perspective beyond your current area of expertise to make effective strategic decisions.

Discover how our Technical-Sales Training Courses can help you increase your professional competitiveness and achieve your career goals

Improve your return on investment in technical sales development activities and implement the processes to profitable growth.

It is in the DNA of TechnicalSales.Org training salespeople, to move from a position of simple vendors to trusted partners, and turn them into expert technical sellers. You will develop your consultative sales skills, learn knowledge applied to the real-world, upgrade your competencies for strategic decision-making, improve your account management approach, and apply a work methodology that will allow you to sell more, close more deals, advance your career, and increase your sales commissions.

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