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The Business-Talent Collection is a group of +200 micro-courses built to cover business competencies and soft skills that will always be essential for salespeople’s success. Each micro-course is made up of short lessons (animated videos). Grouping information like this reduces cognitive load and participants are more likely to complete training, enjoy it, and use it at work.

Stories are one of the best ways to remember information. So, every lesson is built around memorable stories and topics that participants won’t forget. Each topic was heavily researched using the most up-to-date information from subject matter experts, developed by Epignosis eLearning Solutions.

Online Courses in TEAMWORK SKILLS

The Power of Teamworking
Learn about the benefits of teamwork, and which soft skills you can train and improve to become the best team player possible.

Setting Common Goals
Learn how to establish and communicate a common goal when working with others to get the most out of teamwork.

When it comes to completing major tasks, knowing how to collaborate with others can help produce the highest-quality result possible.

Celebrating Difference & Diversity
Embracing diversity in the workplace will help create a team of multiple perspectives, allowing for the best work to be accomplished.

Building Trust & Respect
Establishing trust and respect among team members is a critical part of having a high-functioning team that produces its best possible work.

Roles & Responsibilities
When roles in a team are clearly defined, everyone is more productive. This brief course covers why and how role clarity is integral.

Communicating Openly
This short course covers the advantages of communicating openly and honestly with your workforce, and how to encourage your teams to do it.

Encouraging Different Opinions
Differences of opinion are vital for a company’s growth and development. This course shows how to create a safe workplace for disagreements.

Dealing with Difficult Personalities
Knowing how to handle difficult personalities is a vital skill. This course covers the coping & negotiating strategies to keep teams cohesive.

Celebrating Success
Do you celebrate success at work? This course covers how celebrating boosts staff morale and productivity and shows you how to do it right.

Communicating with a Millennial
As technology changes, so do the way we communicate with each other. Learn about the methods of communication that millennials use.

Online Courses in CUSTOMER SERVICE

Maintaining Customer Service Across Channels
Learn how to maintain the quality of customer service across different channels (be it, social media, email, telephone, or face-to-face).

The Importance of Brand
This course shows how matching customer service to your brand values makes an impact on the quality of service across your company.

Customer Relationships
This course covers how to read a person’s behavior and assess situations accurately to build better customer relationships.

Customer Loyalty
Do you need help to create and maintain customer loyalty to your brand or business? This course will show you how.

Effective Problem Solving
Problem-solving is a crucial skill. Topics in this course include: how to communicate, manage expectations and offer solutions.

Handling Complaints Gracefully
Want to know how you can deal with complaints and improve customer service simultaneously? This course will show you how.

Cross-Selling and Upselling
This course covers how to choose appropriate methods of cross-selling or upselling to keep both business and the customer happy.

Managing Customer Expectations
This course will teach you how to manage customer expectations to ensure a seamless and satisfying customer experience.

Technology for Customer Service
Tech on its own won’t change your customer service. Only the right technology can. This course covers how to make that choice.

Going Beyond Customer Service
To offer the best customer service, you have to go above and beyond the usual. This course covers how you can do that.

Using the Right Language
Using the right language is important in any interaction. But when it comes to customer service, it’s absolutely essential.

Nurturing Customer Relationships
Learn about the importance of good customer relationships, the consequences of bad ones, and what you can do to help nurture them.

Practicing Positivity
Learn how to interact with every customer in a positive manner, and see how positive energy can make problem-solving easier.

Achieving Clarity
If you deal with customers in any capacity, then achieving clarity in your communication is an absolute must. Learn how to with this course.

Maintaining Composure
Working in customer service can be incredibly challenging. That’s why it’s critical to maintain your composure even in difficult situations.


What is Digital Transformation?
Learn how digital transformation works. Learn the benefits of digital transformation with this course.

Why do you Need a Digital Culture?
Train on the benefits digital culture can bring, and teach them how to support a digital culture in the workplace.

The Four Types of Digital Transformation
Train on the types of digital transformation, their benefits, and the challenges of digital transformation.

Digital Disruption
Train on the benefits and challenges of digital disruption and teach them how to apply digital disruption techniques.

The Design Thinking Mindset
Train on the key steps of design thinking, and how to apply it in the workplace, with this course.

What is a Digital Transformation Strategy?
Train on what Digital Transformation Strategy is and how to launch it correctly in the workplace.

The Power of Data Visualization
Train on the benefits of data visualization in digital transformation with this course.

The Impact of Training on Digital Change
Learn why training is important in digital change, and understand the value of ongoing training for digital change with this course.

Leading a Digital Transformation
Help your employees embrace change and teach them how to build digital capabilities with this course.

Is Digital Transformation just Change?
Train on the differences between change and digital transformation and the benefits of digital transformation with this course.

Online Courses in MARKETING

Your Shop Window, Your Website
Learn the essentials of setting up your business online so that you can reach more potential customers, wherever they are in the world.

Do Your Research
This course will teach you about the importance of market research, how it works, and how you can use it to grow your business.

Know Your Customers
This course teaches the importance of understanding your customers’ needs, and how to deliver the right product and service every time.

The Power of Social Media
Learning how to leverage the power of social media can help make your company’s brand more recognizable, increasing your sales and success.

Curating the Right Content
Maintain your business’s social media presence by learning how to curate relative content for your audience to engage with.

The Role of Partnerships
Recognizing other businesses that complement your own and establishing a connection with them can help unlock valuable marketing strategies.

Brand Ambassadors
Discover how “brand ambassadors”, or people who promote your business online, can help drive your company’s sales and growth.

The Power of Networking
Discover how to build connections and establish the right network for your business so that you can unlock new opportunities for growth.

Show, Don’t Tell
This course will help you increase the effectiveness of your ads by teaching you how to best show the benefits of your product or service.

Introduction to Marketing Automation
Discover how marketing automation can save you time and lighten your workload so that you can get ahead on important tasks.

Developing your Marketing Strategy
Train on creating effective and scalable marketing strategies with this course.

Planning Campaigns
Train on the types and stages of campaign planning, and help them understand how to develop a successful campaign plan.

Train on SEO and PPC and teach them how to create an effective SEO or PPC strategy with this course.

Digital Marketing: LinkedIn and Social Media
Train on the benefits of LinkedIn & social media and on how to find the most suitable platforms for your business.

Customer Insights and Analysis
Train marketing teams on customer insights and analysis. Teach them how to plan a customer insight & analysis strategy with this course.

Digital Optimization
Train on the processes and benefits of digital optimization, and teach them how to develop a digital optimization strategy.

Content Marketing
Train on the benefits of content marketing and on creating and managing content that fits with their strategy.

Email Marketing
Train on the benefits of email marketing, and teach them how to create an effective email marketing strategy.

Influencer and Affiliate Marketing
Train on influencer and affiliate marketing and on creating an effective influencer/affiliate marketing plan.

Viral Marketing
Train on viral marketing, its benefits, and on how to create a viral campaign, with this course.


Initiating a Project
When you have multiple tasks that need to be done simultaneously, knowing how to get started is the first step in completing the project.

Planning a Project
Making a plan is key for completing projects. Learn how to set and assign tasks, and how to streamline processes for maximum productivity.

Executing a Project
Learn how to smoothly execute a plan for a project, and how to monitor each step along the way to ensure successful completion.

Monitoring a Project
Knowing how to monitor tasks, stay on track, and make adjustments to a plan as needed are all crucial parts of running a successful project.

Closing a Project
Learn how to close projects successfully once they have been completed, and how making time for evaluation can help improve future projects.

Project Management Methodologies
The right project management strategy can help you reach your project goals. Learn more about the methodologies that will help you achieve that.

Activity and Resource Planning
Take your first steps into Project Management by learning what activity and resource planning is and how to use it effectively in projects.

Organizing and Motivating a Team
Learn about the importance of organizing your teams, and identify ways to help motivate your team members!

Time Management in Projects
Learn how to manage time effectively, so all your projects will run smoothly.

Developing a Budget (Cost Estimating)
Learn how to take the right steps towards developing a budget for your projects, and choose the right estimation system for your business.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction
Learn how to manage customers’ expectations, and how to keep your customers satisfied with your project deliverables.

Managing Project Risk
Find out how to decide if a risk is worth taking in projects, and what processes are involved in making that decision.

Monitoring Progress
Learn how to track the progress of your project to monitor how close you are to your project goals.

Producing Reports
Reports are an important part of tracking your project’s progress. Learn how to choose and create the right reports in this course.

Choosing the Right Project Methodology
Train on choosing the right project management methodology and on combining multiple ones with this course.

Agile in Practice
Train your project managers on the core values and the pros and cons of the Agile methodology with this course.

Kanban in Practice
Train on the core principles of the Kanban methodology. Teach them the pros and cons, and how to build a Kanban board.

Scrum in Practice
Train on the basic principles of the Scrum methodology and on creating a workflow based on Scrum with this course.

Waterfall in Practice
Train on the core principles and the stages of the Waterfall methodology with this course.

Online Courses in LEADERSHIP

The Four Types of Leaders
Leadership is important for both professional and personal growth. Learn about the different styles, and discover which works best for you.

Delegation & Empowerment
Make every member of your team feel important and needed by learning how to delegate, and empower them with the right responsibilities.

This course focuses on humility, and how demonstrating this trait can help you become a better, more approachable leader for your team.

Emotional & Cultural Intelligence
Learning how to read emotions and adapt to different cultures helps teams work together more efficiently and improves work relationships.

Being Authentic
Learn about the importance of being authentic in the workplace, and how this can help you build a healthy relationship with your team.

Inspiring Others
Learn how to inspire and motivate your team to perform at its best, creating a workplace that is happier and more productive for everyone.

Taking Accountability
This course covers accountability, and how taking responsibility for mistakes in the workplace can improve every part of the business.

Making Decisions
Learn why being decisive in the workplace is important, and how to quickly and consistently make the best decisions possible.

Being Confident
This course will teach you about being confident in the workplace, and how putting yourself out there can help advance your career.

Being Brave
By learning how and when to be brave in the workplace, you’ll become a better leader and inspire the same bravery in your team.

Leading with Respect and Respecting Others
Learn about the importance of leading with respect, and how creating this kind of environment produces successful, productive employees.

Leading with Energy
Discover what it takes to lead with passion and energy, and how this attitude will inspire and benefit everyone on your team.

Being Positive
Learn how improving your positivity both in your own role, and within your team at work can help boost morale.

Leading with Commitment
See how leading with commitment will inspire your team members to also feel committed both to their roles, and to your organization.

Using Humor
Discover how the correct type of humor in the workplace can help boost morale and productivity in your team.

The Power of Patience
Improve relationships within your team, and earn the respect of your colleagues by displaying patience, even in challenging situations.

Recognizing and Rewarding Others
By recognizing and rewarding the work of your employees you’ll inspire them to always do their best, and boost morale and productivity.

Leading with Empathy
Build stronger relationships within your team and motivate staff by learning how to lead with empathy.

Knowing When You’re Wrong
Recognizing when you’ve made a mistake, or are wrong about something is a vitally important skill that every leader should have.

A Healthy Manager is a Good Manager
Being a manager may make it more challenging to take care of your health, but failing to do so will affect you and everyone on your team.

Managers vs Leaders
Learn how to become more than just a manager. Become a leader that your team will look up to, and that is known for being a top performer.

Conflict Management
Knowing how and when to intervene in situations and resolve workplace conflicts is a crucial part of being a successful leader.

Effective Meetings
An important part of being a leader is knowing how to hold effective meetings. Learn how to make pointless meetings a thing of the past.

Motivating Others
Discover how you can be a leader that always motivates their team, boosting their happiness, engagement, and productivity at work.

Promoting Talent
Discover how promoting talent within your organization will boost your team’s morale, as well as their overall productivity and success.

Leading by Example
As a leader, your team looks to you for direction. Leading by example will help everyone see what the right kind of behavior is at work.

Facilitating Results
Learn how to facilitate the best possible outcomes at work by maximizing each of your team members’ performances and skills.

Making Deals
Whether you’re dealing with customers, other businesses, or members of your own team, knowing how to make a good deal is crucial.

Leading Remote Teams
With remote work on the rise, knowing how to lead a team that you can’t see in front of you has become more important than ever.

Managing Change
Learn how you can make change more manageable for your team, and how you can make it a positive experience for everyone involved.


The Five Ps: Persistence, Patience, Purpose, People & Profits
This course will help you boost your entrepreneurship skills by mastering the Five Ps: Persistence, Patience, Purpose, People, and Profits.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset
Your mindset affects all aspects of your life. Learn how to get into the entrepreneurial mindset with this course.

Being Curious
Curiosity is an essential skill for an entrepreneur. Learn how to expand and improve your curiosity with this course.

The Power of Imagination
In business, imagination can help you solve problems and look at them in new ways. Here’s how to improve your imagination.

Being Self-Aware
Learn how being self-aware can help you improve your success in business, and find out techniques to master your self-awareness.

Building Relationships and Networking
Building good working relationships is difficult, but it’s important in business. Learn how to build and maintain them with this course.

The Power of Influence
Learn why having influence is important in business, how to increase yours, and how to use it to create change in the workplace.

Taking Calculated Risks
Risks can be scary. But you can reduce the fear of risks and measure the impact they can have on your business. Learn how in this course.

Being Prepared to Fail
Being prepared to succeed in business isn’t enough. You need to be prepared to fail. Learn how with this course.

Turning Ideas into Action
The right ideas are vital to a company’s success. Learn how to analyze and turn ideas into actions, and make your vision a reality.

Online Courses in WORK and PRODUCTIVITY

Being Punctual
Learn how punctuality can help your team and how to improve it for everyone’s benefit with this course.

Meeting Deadlines
Learn how to set realistic deadlines, and train your team on achieving their deadlines, too.

Multitasking and Being Organized
Learn what organization and multitasking are, how they can help you in the workplace, and how to improve them, with this course.

Learn what self-management is, and how self-managed teams can help in the workplace, with this course.

Time Management
Time management is important – more so in the workplace. Learn why, as well as how to manage limited time, with this course.

Working Under Pressure
Learn about the dangers of working under pressure and how to prepare for pressurized situations in the workplace with this course.

Persistence and Resilience
Learn what persistence and resilience are, and how they can help you in difficult situations in the workplace

Avoiding Distractions
Learn how to avoid distractions in the workplace and train yourself to focus better with this course.

Staying Motivated
Learn why motivation is important in the workplace, and how to stay motivated at work, with this course.

The Importance of Planning
Learn how planning will help you improve in the workplace, and how to create an effective plan, with this course.

Anti-Bribery Practices
Bribery can be very harmful to a business. Learn how to set up anti-bribery compliance practices with this course. Watch trailer.

Anti-Money Laundering
Learn what steps you can take towards AML compliance, to help you prevent incidents of money laundering in the workplace.

Conflict of Interest
Conflicts of interest are considered a form of corruption. Learn how to handle them correctly in the workplace with this course.

Dealing with Stress
Knowing how to deal with stress in the workplace will help prevent negative effects on your health, and keep your productivity levels high.

Well-being and Productivity
Learn about why taking care of yourself and your well-being is the first step to being happy and productive at work every day.

Kicking Bad Habits
Bad habits can negatively impact your performance at work, which is why it’s important to learn how to recognize and get rid of them.

Promoting Health and Well-being at Work
Promoting health and well-being in the workplace is an essential part of maintaining a staff that is creative and productive.

Remote Working
Learn about the challenges of taking work out of the office and ways to overcome them.

The Power of Silence
Knowing when to be silent, and how to improve communication between people.


The 7 Skills of Critical Thinking
Develop your critical thinking skills and keep up with the rapidly changing business world that’s full of problems to be solved.

Creative Thinking
Discover ways to hone your creative thinking skills and apply them to solving problems and addressing challenges at work.

Critical Observation
Discover how sharp critical observation skills can help you spot and prevent workplace issues, and help solve problems that arise.

Being Adaptable
Being adaptable to change is a critical part of not only surviving, but thriving in the business world. Learn how with this course.

Driving Innovation
Learn how to drive innovation in the workplace and achieve goals that previously seemed unreachable.

Thinking Logically
Learn how developing your logical thinking skills will help you create strategies, and quickly resolve problems both in and out of work.

Discover some new problem-solving strategies that can help both you and your teamwork through challenges faster and more effectively.

Dealing with Uncertainty
Discover methods for dealing with uncertainty in business, and how innovation can help drive decision-making, even when there are unknowns.

Being Resourceful
In business, you’ll rarely have all of the resources you need at your disposal. But being resourceful will allow you to succeed anyway.

The Power of Analysis
Sharpen your business analysis skills so that you can spot opportunities to increase revenue, decrease costs, and bring value to the team.


Sales Listening Skills
This course covers how to become an active listener and is ideal for anyone who wants to build better relationships with their prospects.

Creating Your Pipeline
Creating a pipeline that generates, nurtures, and qualifies leads is the first step to sales success. This course shows you how to do it.

Managing Your Pipeline
This course covers how to manage a sales pipeline. Topics include: monitoring metrics, prioritizing prospects, and meeting targets.

The Sales Pitch
Does your sales pitch need a shine? This course covers storytelling, the trust hormone, and flattery. All to make your product stand out.

Effective Presentations
The way you present a product is almost as important as the product itself. This course teaches all about effective presentations.

Selling The Proposed Solution
Today’s customers are spoiled for choice. So, getting them is trickier. This course covers solution selling, a no-fail sales technique.

Building Benefits
Know the difference between features and benefits? This course will make sure you do, as well as teach you how to use them to make a sale.

Keeping Prospects Engaged
This course will help your teams develop skills to keep prospects engaged and invested, so they’re more likely to sign on the dotted line.

Closing Difficult Deals
Is it possible to close ‘impossible’ deals? This course will show you how it’s done through negotiation, compelling offers, and influence.

The Importance of Sharing Sales Feedback
To improve the sales process, everyone on your team must share feedback. This course shows you why it’s important and how to do it.

Researching Your Prospect
Learn about the importance of researching your prospects when working in sales, and how a little extra knowledge can go a long way!

How to Build Rapport
Improve your sales skills and close more deals by learning how to build a good rapport with prospective customers.

Questioning Skills
Discover how to ask the right types of questions, at exactly the right time, so that you can quickly identify every customer’s needs.

Prioritizing Prospects
Maximize the number of deals you close by learning to prioritize your sales prospects that are most likely to convert.

Obtaining Commitment
Getting prospects to commit is no easy task. But with the right skills and approach, you can build strong relationships with each one.

Online Courses in BUSINESS WRITING

Visualizing Data
Learn how visualizing data will make your information easy to understand, and learn how to create effective data visualizations.

The 5 Cs of Report Writing
Train on the 5 Cs of report writing, and help yourself to improve your report writing technique.

Developing Research Skills
Learn to develop their research skills by learning how to recognize reliable sources, and gather useful information effectively.

The Basics of Business Writing
Train on business writing and how to use and apply good techniques in business correspondence with this course.

The Stages of Report Writing
Train on choosing the best planning technique for your reports and create better reports with this course.

Report Writing: The Power of Visuals
Train on the importance of visual elements in reports and on choosing the right visual aids for your report with this course.

Clear and Concise Emails
By completing this course, you will know how to compose clear and concise emails for any audience.


The Basics of Financial Management
Learn the fundamentals of financial management and eliminate the headache of keeping your affairs in order.

The Flow of Money
Understanding how money flows will help you also understand how goods, services, and revenue flow in and out of your own organization.

Key Financial Statements
Making sense of financial statements doesn’t have to be difficult. Discover some tips and tricks to make the process easier.

The Importance of Cash Flow
Learn about why cash flow matters so much, and what it can tell you about the health of a business.

The Value of Budgeting
Discover how effective budgeting can help you control spending, as well as plan and be prepared for future emergencies.


The Importance of Training
The benefits of offering training and development to employees are far-reaching, as they help team members gain and retain new skills.

Adapting to Innovation
Preserve your organization’s success by learning how to create a workforce that is adaptable and responsive to change and innovation.

Performance Management
Discover the best way to conduct performance management so that your teams know exactly what they do well, and where they can improve.

Handling Disciplinaries
Disciplinary procedures can be difficult for everyone, but carrying them out correctly is vital for keeping an organization on track.

Talent Management and Development
Learn how proper talent management within an organization could be the key to taking performance from average, to excellent.

Employee Engagement
Discover the importance of employee engagement in the workplace, and how positive energy can increase productivity and well-being.

Flexible and Remote Working
Explore the benefits that remote working can bring to your organization, and ditch the misconceptions surrounding flexible working.

HR for Non-HR Managers
While HR may handle a majority of issues within a company, some problems will have to be dealt with by managers and within departments.


Presentations and The Magic of Stories
Train on storytelling techniques and learn how to adapt for better presentations with this course.

What Makes a Good Presentation?
Train on what makes a good presentation and adopt good presentation techniques with this course.

Presenting with Power: Hints and Tips
Train on the importance of presenting with power. Teach yourself how to present with power with this course.

Structuring your Presentations
Train everyone on the benefits of structured presentations. Teach yourself how to improve the structure of your presentations with this course.

Setting up for Successful Presentations
Train on techniques that will help you prepare for successful presentations and show yourself how to apply those with this course.

Dealing with Nerves
Train on presentation techniques to manage your stress and on following a plan to deliver a presentation with this course.

Using Positive Visualization
Train on positive visualization. Teach yourself how to apply visualization techniques for successful presentations with this course.

Power Posing
Train on power posing and how to understand when to use it with this course.

The Art of Breathing
Train everyone on the importance of good breathing and teach yourself breathing techniques they can benefit from with this course.

Becoming a Master Orator
Train everyone on implementing persuasive speeches. Learn how to use rehearsal techniques with this course.


Communicating under Stress
Train on understanding stressful situations and communicating effectively while stressed with this course.

Using Body Language
Train on using their body language and controlling their nonverbal cues with this course.

Interpreting Body Language
Train on the importance of body language and help yourself understand the ways people communicate without words with this course.

Tone of Voice
Train on the importance of tone of voice and help yourself adopt ways of matching their tone to the situation with this course.

The Art of Storytelling
Train on the importance of storytelling in the workplace and learn when to use it with this course.

Assertive Communication
Train on assertive communication. Help yourself set goals to become more assertive with this course.

Managing Anger
Train on managing anger. Help yourself recognize unhealthy anger, and teach yourself how to manage your anger with this course.

Emotional Literacy
Train on emotional literacy, its benefits, and how to improve your own emotional literacy, with this course.

Managing Up
Train on managing up, and learn how to apply techniques to manage up effectively with this course.

Email Etiquette
Train on email etiquette, its benefits, and best practices, with this course.


What is EQ?
Train on the characteristics of EQ and discover your own EQ with this course.

Train on self-awareness and its importance. Learn how to recognize and understand their emotions with this course.

Train on self-regulation. Learn the 5 characteristics of self-regulation and help yourself apply techniques to improve it.

Emotional Intelligence: Motivation
Train on the importance of motivation. Learn the elements of self-motivation and the benefits of flow states with this course.

Emotional Intelligence: Empathy
Train on the different types and benefits of empathy and help yourself develop strategies to practice empathy with this course.

Social Skills
Train on social skills, and learn how to create a plan to boost their social skills with this course.

Improving your EQ
Train on the importance of EQ in the workplace and show yourself how to improve your EQ with this course.

Conflict Management Using EQ
Train on the importance of conflict management and learn effective ways to practice it using EQ.

Collaboration and Developing EQ in Teams
Train on the importance of EQ in teamwork. Learn how to develop EQ in teams with this course.

Creativity and EQ
Train on how EQ affects creativity and learn how to improve their EQ to boost it with this course.

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