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Professional Certificate Programs for Sales Engineers & Technical-Sales Representatives

In today’s complex and competitive industrial environment, the sales professionals who succeed are those with great technical sales skills and knows how to apply a consultative or need-based selling approach.

Our Training Programs will help qualify you with the insights and competencies to deal with tomorrow’s real-world challenges, aiming to give you and your organization a competitive advantage in B2B sales, business development, and account management.

Developed by industry practitioners and highly effective modern sales methods, our Technical Sales Courses are designed to help you discover new ways of thinking, learn new skills, test new approaches in a creative learning environment, and apply practical tools back in the workplace.

If you are a Sales Engineer or Technical-Sales Representative looking to be able to apply new knowledge in your working environment, you will go beyond connecting theory to practice, you will be able to lead business and achieve meaningful and real results.

Our specialized training is specifically designed to enable professional growth and career development. It is designed to support your learning needs, master a successful B2B sales approach, enhance your productivity, gain confidence and effectiveness.

These online courses draw on our valuable academic resources and world-class salespeople expertise, backed by outstanding information inside a global industry.

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